Plasma Soft surgery at Clínica Nuevo Boulevard as a pioneer for Cosmetic Blepharoplasty in San Pedro / Marbella

The older we become, the more changes we must have noticed on our skin. This is disturbing when they occur in the face.

The skin loses elasticity and wrinkles and / or skin excesses develop. The facial expression looks tired, old and sometimes sad.

If the view in the mirror shows a tired picture, it may be time for a consultation in Clinica Nuevo Boulevard.

Today, no scalpel is needed for an uncomplicated eyelid tightening because plasma energy is the revolution in aesthetic treatments.

The perfect result is achieved by a minimal ionized arc, a small plasmatic fluid which acts on the skin without direct skin contact. A number of small points are strategically placed, which are visible as small brown spots. The skin contracts around these points.

The shrinkage of the eyelid, which is produced in this way, is usually 3-5mm

Without cut, without scars, without bleeding.

What are the results of blepharoplasty?

The eyelids feel easier because the serious lid is massively reduced. Make up is easier to apply and the eyes shine again.

In general, the treated skin areas are thickened because the production of the colleagues is stimulated by the plasma. The energetic ionized gas induces stimulation of growth factors as well as repair and regeneration processes in the tissue.

But what is plasma actually?

Plasma is the 4th aggregate state

From your everyday life, for example when cooking frozen food, you know the agregate conditions solid, liquid and gas. The difference of these agregat conditions is the supplied energy. When ice (solid) is heated, water (liquid) is produced, and when you heat it further, water vapor (gas) is produced, and if you continue to heat this gas, plasma is produced, a highly energetic state.

For us all are known the plasma currents on the earth which are visible in the form of thunderstorm lightenings and polar lights.

Our applied plasma is an ionized gas that contains free electrons besides ions and is generated by electrical discharge between an electrode and a surface. Plasma can be generated by low voltage devices between an electrode and a surface when the electrode is approached close enough to the surface until a spark skips. The resulting plasma is energetic and, when impinging on a tissue surface, leads to the so-called sublimation, that is, for the direct transition from the solid to the gaseous phase (without prior liquefaction), thus to the point-shaped evaporation of the tissue


– Why PLASM and not another plasmadevice ¿

In the cosmetics industry and in aesthetic medicine, plasma treatments are offered with a wide variety of devices. The technology of PlasM convinced us.

PlasM is one of the few professional pencils available on the market to extake and successfully remove skin excess and lift the skin.

The strength of the applied energy is perfectly balanced, so that praeziesest can be worked with it. The surrounding tissue is not damaged and no unwanted heat energy is supplied to it.

PlasM does not operate expensive aggressively marketing, so we can offer the treatment at the same technical conditions like more well-known fabrications, but more cost-effective.

– Why plasma and not lasers?

The application is comparable to an ablative laser treatment. However, the treatment can be applied more precisely, it is easier to use, less invasive and, above all, not expensive.  The after effects are similar to a laser treatment. There is an encrustation and redness of the skin.

– Why plasma and not surgery?

PlasM is a novel treatment method also known as a «dynamic» variant.

During the entire treatment, the user is able to recognize the course of the wrinkles and treat them in a targeted manner. During the treatment, the customer can always open and close the eyes by applying the facial expressions (in the case of eyelid treatment), which allows the practitioner to recognize the problem zones.

In a facelift treatment with PlasM there is no danger of nerve and blood vessel injury, no aspect of unnatural tied skin and no scars

– Is Plas M treatment painful?

It is not painful, since an anesthetic is used before the treatment.

– Is there any side effects?

Immediately after treatment, the area may be reddened. 2-4 days after treatment, swelling may occur.

The resulting brown dots dissolve automatically after 7 days at the latest

– How long does each treatment last?

A session takes about 30 minutes.

This revolutionary method with PlasM is able to perform lifting treatments and achieve results that are comparable to the results of cosmetic surgery including: eyelid correction, neck tightening, acne scars, pregnancy strips, lines and wrinkles.

We have been offering this plasma treatment successfully in our practice since 2017 and we are happy to advise you at any time.

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