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Skin & Dentalcare Nuevo Boulevard is a small fusion of different medical disciplines.

Our professionals have a passion for their work and interest in their patients.

We dedicate time to chat and deal with our clients,

giving them a personalized and heartfelt treatment, essential for a better result for your health.

Assuring you of our best attention at all times

Below you will find the cornerstones of Skin & Dentalcare Nuevo Boulevard


Fountain of life
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Union of two or more ideas, interests or groups, forming a single.
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Performance of a job with expertise, application, reliability, honesty and efficiency
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If you want an honest opinion, just ask a child.
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The soul of a person is shown in his acts.
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Conversation between two or more people.
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In the stress of everyday life it can happen to each of us that we forget to make our half-yearly check-up appointments. Therefore, we offer you a free reminder system either by e-mail, SMS, WhatsApp or by phone call. Whatever is easiest and most comfortable for you personally.


Take advantage of our easy to use online appointment system where you can book your own appointment at a time to suit you. Alternatively, our team will be happy to assist you personally on the phone. If you would like us to call you back, we will be happy to do so. Please let us know in the free text area of our contact form.


“When the toothache starts, the headache disappears immediately”. Toothache can rob you of sleep or make a working day seem like agony. In order to help you as soon as possible, we can usually give you an appointment on the same day. Please describe your acute pain and we will do our very best to see you as quickly as possible.